Approved Property Management currently works with local councils, including Trafford council and Salford council to deliver low cost temporary and emergency accommodation to meet the varying housing demand. 
Nearly a third of this was spent on emergency B&Bs – up 111% in 5 years – despite the fact that this form of accommodation is considered some of the worst for families with children to live in due to their small size and lack of appropriate facilities. They often involve entire households living in one small room and are void of cooking facilities. 
Approved Property Management provides good quality, fully furnished, self-catering accommodation at a reasonable cost. We want to help local authorities to provide suitable temporary accommodation to those that need it. 
Our approach is to work collaboratively with our partners to first understand the needs of the local community and then to work together to develop solutions. 
The amount that councils have spent on temporary accommodation over the last 5 years has risen by up to 75%. 
We aim to help local authorities that are spending vast sums of money on ‘unsuitable’ emergency accommodation. 
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